Bhutan’s happiness comes from the simplest things:

1. INCREDIBLE THROUGH THE HOUSE: Bhutanese houses do not have superiority or jealousy, my house must be higher than yours, the architecture is the same. One person can own many houses. But at night, there is only one bed and only one house. The love and harmony with the people in the house and the love of the village, that is happiness
2. INCREDIBLE THROUGH DRESS: fashion will be difficult to develop here, because it is not important for them to dress well, for them to wear warm enough, tight enough is okay. Happiness is when the shirt does not make us valuable, but we are the ones who bring value to the shirt.
3. SIMPLE THROUGH SPEAKING: they are very quiet, but when they do speak out, they often say truthful words that do not hurt others, such as commenting or disparaging. In Bhutan, quarrels are rare.
4. QUALITY THROUGH TRADEING PEOPLE’S INCOME WITH HAPPINESS INDICATOR: The Kingdom of Bhutan is the only country in the world that does not measure average income through GDP, but happiness index HPI (Happy Plannet) Index).
5. INCREDIBLE TO BE MYSELF: every day we work, we interact with many people. There are many types of people in society. There are good people, bad people, rich people and poor people. Comparing ourselves to others sometime make us tired and sometimes make us lose ourselves.

Bhutan is pristinely beautiful, the people are happy and full of compassion. Happiness comes from within us, not far away, but people often race to find it.

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