Why Do You Like Reading?

(Photo: Hmun)

1. Reading helps you open your mind and learn more knowledge.

2. I have read a lot of books, but later on most of them have forgotten, so what is the meaning of reading in the end?” When you were a child, you ate a lot of things, now you probably don’t remember what you ate. But you have grown up to be the strong person you are today thanks to the things you absorbed in the past. Reading books too.

3. The best thing about reading is that you can build your own little world, can take the tenderness to erase your own difficulties.

4. Reading a book does not necessarily give you a rich life, but it gives you a rich soul because it distills a lot of the author’s quintessence and experience. Reading won’t make you a good person, but it will keep you honest.

5. Some people say, girls study so well, read so many books, in the end, they still have to do a normal job, get married, do laundry and cook, and help their husbands teach their children.

Actually,the accumulation of knowledge of each person is so that no matter what the circumstances are in the future, they can still manage their own lives; Although the work is ordinary, the attitude towards work is not trivial; Even though they are married, they have different expressions of affection; Even though they both give birth, their children will receive different upbringings.

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