Why Are Women Always A Taget Of Cyberbulling?

Why Are Women Always A Taget Of Cyberbulling? (Photo: Hmun)

In recent years, along with the great development of science and technology, social networks have increasingly affirmed their great role in all aspects of life. However, that development has also led to many negative consequences, including Cyberbullying. This has caused a lot of mental trauma to the unfortunate victims, especially women.

In a survey of 1200 adults by the Korean National Human Rights Commission conducted in March 2019, 64.2% of people said they had been the target of CYBERBULLYING and the rate of women becoming the object of attack is up to 67.8% (according to Korea Herald).

The first reason: Women are vulnerable

Women are vulnerable, and even in some countries, they don’t seem to have many rights. Based on that, many people have hurt them by harshly criticizing and defaming comments and articles to satisfy their selfishness and cruelty.

The second reason: Strict standards of “beauty” of women.

We often hear the saying “women must be beautiful” and consider it as a measure of a woman’s value. people don’t care about her personality or qualifications, but only cares about her face, her slim body or beautiful skin. WIithout her beautiful appearance, she will be ridiculed, denigrated and sometimes is to accept insults and libel.

The third cause: Shortcomings in network security.

Along with the strong development of social networking platforms, the percentage of women who are victims of Cyberbullying is increasing. Cyberbullying behaviors are less likely to be detected, so bad users often use clone accounts to attack women with harsh comments, harassing messages, .. .
According to statistics, this situation taking place on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter rapidly over the years. In general, the social media is strongly influencing the conceptions and standards of women’s beauty in the context of the current integration of the country.

In short, Cyberbullying is one of the burning problems in today’s society because it is women who suffer the most negative influences. Hope this article will help you better understand this problem.

By : Hmun

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