Why are cats cold to people?

Why are cats cold to people? 

The answer to why cats are cold to people can be explained through the cat’s characteristics. In fact, cats also have their own subtle body language. When a dog meets its owner, they often swarm and want to be petted. All emotions will be expressed by them, from love, anger to pain. Dogs and humans have similarities. Because both have the habit of living in groups for a long time.

However, cats are not like that, in cats often have emotions that people often say are cold. It is rare to see a cat that is overjoyed when it meets its owner, nor does it jump up and down when it wants to hold it. They are just gentle, dangling, creating a confusing “cold” look. Since ancient times, cats have only lived in a solitary way, not in groups, so it is more difficult to entangle people than dogs. Therefore, cat owners often feel that cats are sometimes really difficult to approach.

Cold outside, emotional inside
Why are cats cold to people? 

Cats appear to be quite cold on the outside or a little careless, but they have a charm of their own. Hidden deep inside a cold cat but still extremely affectionate. They recognize their owners and also have distinct loving gestures. It can be seen that they do not show affection to the outside like dogs because that is a unique characteristic inherent to cats.

Cat with cold look

Their emotions are expressed when their tails twitch, their fur is ruffled and the position of their ears and mustaches, even a “growl” is also a manifestation of their emotions towards humans. And like dogs, cats are also capable of displaying social flexibility and close attachment in relationships with humans.

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