What should people do in unemployment time ?

What should people do in unemployment time ?

Unemployment is something that put a huge pressure on us. But there are so much reason made us fall into unemployment things and with each situation we have to find a most suitable solution to haul ourself out.

The class get stuck in employment thing, I gonna say most of them is graduated people. The student just get certificate, don’t have too much experience and really difficult to find the job. Those things make you very nervous. Right now you couldn’t claim the subsidize from your parents anymore, and when compare with your same age friends while they have a fine job made your mind really daunted and insecure.
I think the ways to tackle this problem is you should be the interns when you are senior, junior student. There are bunch of interns position for student currently, you could find those and go to work there to get more experience for yourself.
If you was graduated, but precariously looking for a job, well my advice is just take some temporary job that don’t require an experience, even though it is a manual work to help you maintain your finance firmly. Beyond that , let learn more nessesary skills for the job that you want to apply. Then you gonna feel more confidence when you get an interview. Because if that time you don’t have enough experiences, you still have required skills for the job that you want.

learn more nessesary skills

The second situation, if you have work for 1,2 years and then drop out of it to get better job. But it take 1-2 months and you still don’t have job. The reason is the job that you want stop recruitment things, or you can’t deal a good salary like you want, the commute so far…. And then you keep send your CV everywhere, apply any the recruitment post whenever you see it. What should you do ?
If your favorite company turns you down, send email back asking the reason. If the reason is due to professional skills, add more knowledge during the time you have not applied for a job. Don’t send your CV to many places, choose 1-2 good companies to apply for a job. If you send 5 companies and all 5 do not respond to you, the psychological pressure will be very heavy.

We should also try to have 1 main job and 1 back up job so that when you quit your main job, you still have a back up job to do. It will help you relieve economic pressure, and help you get rid of the feeling of depression or the feeling that you are unemployed. Don’t forget to accumulate during work, if you quit your job later, make sure you have enough money to spend in 3-4 months. You really don’t know how terrible the pressure of being unemployed and running out of money can be, until you go through it.
Unemployment is sometimes a time for us to look at ourselves. So don’t be daunted. Let’s try our best, work hard, good things will surely come to us soon.

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