What Makes Dutch Children The Happiest In The World?

What Makes Dutch Children The Happiest In The World? (Photo: Pinterest)

The United Nations Children’s Agency (UNICEF) analyzed data from 41 high-income countries, ranking them based on scores on mental health, physical health and development in social skills. association and learning in children.

The Netherlands ranks highest on this list for all three factors, followed by Denmark and Norway, respectively. Meanwhile, Chile, Bulgaria and the United States are the three names that fall at the bottom of the table.

In addition, the “Better life” index 2020 of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development also shows that the Netherlands scores higher than most other countries in a number of areas such as income, education, housing and health status.

Anita Cleare, author of “The Working Parent’s Survival Guide,” told CNBC it’s important to understand the role socioeconomic factors play in affecting children’s happiness. She explains that in a rich country, when a child has certain needs met, they have a better chance of achieving happiness.

Along with love and warmth, assertive parenting has consistently been shown to correlate with positive child development, says Cleare.

In contrast, shame has the potential to really harm children. However, this shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle in the Netherlands as people here are known to be quite open-minded when it comes to topics deemed uncomfortable in other countries.

The UNICEF report also highlights that not all children living in rich countries have a good childhood.” Even countries with good social, economic and environmental conditions are far from new. achieve the goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” the report said.

To address these gaps, UNICEF calls on high-income countries to consult with children on how to improve their lives and to ensure that policies promoting child welfare are integrated across the board. face. UNICEF also recommends that countries accelerate efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, such as reducing poverty and improving access to child care.

Cleare says the Dutch are known for “appreciating diversity and being very inclusive”. This approach to parenting is important, especially in the context of today’s children under so much pressure both academically, socially, and on social media.

UNICEF research shows that 81% of teenagers in the Netherlands feel that they can easily make friends. This is one of the highest rates among the 41 countries included in the study. The report also shows that for 15-year-olds in this country, satisfaction is considered the most important thing in life.

Amanda Gummer, founder of skills development organization Good Play Guide, says schools in the Netherlands have no competition, but instead focus on developing students’ passion for learning. .

She encourages parents to keep in mind that “test scores are not the end and end,” and they should also try to focus on nurturing their child’s curiosity.

There are also lessons to be learned from other countries, Gummer said, which are also seen as exemplars of child welfare. For example, Norway, which ranks third on UNICEF’s list, has a very nice “culture of solidarity”.

“Helping others is great for your mental health, so think about what your family can do for the community,” she says, and suggests volunteering is one way to boost feelings of self-esteem. this solidarity.

What Makes Dutch Children The Happiest In The World? (Photo: Pinterest)

(According to CNBC)

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