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What Is Ghosting?

The term “Ghosting” means ignore, silence, and disappearing to end a relationship. Ghosting is often seen in the “getting to know each other” stage. And as the name suggests, this phenomenon was called this name because it involves someone “disappearing” like they were a ghost. Certainly, this is not a good behaviour.


A 2018 study of more than 1,000 users from two Crowdsourcing sites found that about 25% of men and women are “ghosted” in romantic relationships. Meanwhile, 22% admitted that they did “ghost” to others.


There are many reasons for people to do ghosting, but the simplest and most common are:

1.some people with avoidant personality type are easily to ghosting

They are often those who are hesitant or completely avoid starting a romantic relationship with another person. Most likely, this avoidance comes from psychological trauma from parents or having to witness too much emotional negativity from those around them.

2. People who are “ghosting” tend to be ghoster

According to scientific research, ghosting is the act of having a domino effect. That is, if you have ever been treated by your lover treat you with ghosting things, you will have a higher tendency to “silence and disappear” in the next relationship.


Social rejection seems to trigger brain pain like physical pain, fortunately this pain can be cured with medication but psychological pain is harder to heal. Ghosts can actually have a pretty serious impact on a person’s mental health.

The wounds that ghosting leaves are often not immediately noticeable, but they long and persistent. People with ghosting may not notice they are hurt at first, until realizing they are beginning to fear, they create a protective barrier with peoples around them and even become obsessed with getting into a new relationship. The fear of being “rejected by silence again” tends to recur throughout the dating process of the person who has been ghosting.

The psychology of ghosting people, especially for many women, will be surrounded by questions about their own mistakes, living in fear and even self-hated.


To overcome emotional pain is not only through day 1 – day 2. But the most important thing you need to realize is your own worth. Just because you’re ghosting doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, incompetent or lost the right to be loved. Never allow the “ghosters” to drain your energy and enthusiasm. Loving and being loved is always the best feeling in life. So, when a love is over, have the courage to love yourself more and let your heart have a chance to “beat” again !

Maybe it’s time to be frank and admit to each other that ending a relationship in silence is not something we should do. Being frank can make you feel awkward at first, but it will save a friendship, or even save faith in love, future and happiness of one or many people later. . So, maturity is when you don’t use “ghosting” to end a relationship you guys !

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