Vietnamese pizza

It was a Sunday afternoon, my best friend and I rode motorbikes up the hill near the beach. The scenery here is so beautiful. Especially, what impressed me the most was the Vietnamese pizza we made ourselves in that trip. Although I only learned the recipe online, this cake tastes great and the ingredients are simple to prepare. You just need to prepare a few toppings such as sausages, eggs, beef jerky, shrimps, scallions, .. and some ingredients you like. Usually Vietnamese pizza does not use flour to make the crust like in the US. We use rice paper – a traditional rice cake in Vietnam to make this special dish. Therefore, it creates a unique and unmistakable culinary feature of Vietnamese cuisine.
The process of making Vietnamse pizza is also very easy. First you put the rice paper on the grill (If you don’t have a grill, you can use a pan instead), then you spread a thin layer of butter on the surface of the rice paper. Next, you spread all the chopped topping on it. The aroma of butter mixed with the aroma of green onions and other ingredients is really attractive. Finally, don’t forget to add some chili sauce and mayonnaise sauce to enjoy. The taste is really good and I bet no one can refuse to enjoy it. When you eat it, you will feel the crispiness of the crust, mixed with the fatty and aromatic taste of the topping inside. Its taste is completely different from the softness of American pizza.
You know, that day, we made Vietnamse pizzas that were both delicious and beautiful. We ate it and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday on the hill. It was a really great trip. And I’m sure, Vietnamse pizza will be an indispensable dish in our next picnics.

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