UTOPIA – A Perfect World is real?

UTOPIA – A perfect World is real? ( photo: Hmun)

Utopia is defined as a beautiful world where only in dreams, where everyone is happy, there is no suffering, no war. It will be very difficult for us to live in that world. However, the question is: Does Utopia exist?
Movies, which make everything happen, are a great vehicle for solving this problem. There have been countless movies about such a wonderful world and every citizen is satisfied with the life they have. However, that world presents itself with basic defects that are recognizable to anyone, which goes against the most important principles of society. For example, insensitivity, loss of personality, …

In fact, building Utopia is very difficult, even in the imagination. Firstly, Utopia is based on the logic that if everyone obeys the given rules, then no one have suffering. If no one is superior to another, then happiness can be shared equally among all. Envy and jealousy are the main sources of discontent. For example, you have money but I don’t, it makes me feel inadequate and unhappy. Everything must be divided equally and fully.
No one has ownership in Utopia. Friends or love will be the things that make society split into small groups, form factions and lose the inherent “perfection”. One must belong to everyone. All actions and emotions in Utopia are not based on personal feelings but only to fulfill each person’s physical and mental needs.

The problem is the definition of the word “happiness”. Everyone has their own interpretation for happiness and it is only true for them, not everyone. One can say “happiness” is to be alive, to experience emotions such as sadness, joy. Earth, among billions of other planets, could have been Utopia. And what we’re looking for is a Utopia within a Utopia. And if such logic is applied, there will certainly be another Utopia within an Utopia within a Utopia and so on.
A word can be defined when we find its antonym. “Happiness” is the same. We must know what “suffering” is in order to know “happiness”. Instead of looking and hoping for a perfect world and then getting exhausted, we should focus on the precious moments in life. Don’t let our immediate desires and pleasures make us the illusion that we want to live in that perfect world. Therefore, only the small happiness of the present can replace the sorrows in real life.

So, Let’s think what is Utopia to you?


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