Using Eggshells For Growing Vegetables

Using eggshells for growing vegetables is an extremely effective method that everyone should know to take care of their garden.

Eggshells are very good for growing vegetables (Photo: Pinterest)

Why are chicken eggshells so nutritious for growing vegetables?

Chicken egg shell is made up of 93.5% calcium salt (Calcium carbonate) and 4.09% protein. These are essential nutrients for plant growth. Along with that, eggshells are rich in useful minerals such as: Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, etc.,…good for the growth of plants,especially for vegetables. 
Ways to use eggshells to grow vegetables

Ways to use eggshells to grow vegetables

1. Fertilizer from chicken eggshell

With high calcium content and a variety of essential minerals, stimulates root development and helps plants grow healthy. Therefore, it is possible to reuse chicken eggshells as fertilizer for plants, especially vegetables.

Just grind the eggshells (both raw and cooked) and then mix them directly with the soil. This method helps the eggshell to decompose quickly and provides easily absorbed minerals to the soil. At the same time, when mixing eggshells, it also helps to loosen the soil and grow healthy roots.

2. A irrigation solution of chicken eggshell

In addition to fertilizer, chicken eggshells can be used as irrigation solutions to provide minerals for plants. By grinding dried eggshells, then soaking in clean water or rice water for 3-4 weeks. Then filter the water and water the plants.

With this method, the calcium and minerals in the eggshell are converted into an easily absorbed form. The plant can be used immediately after watering, helps the roots to be strong, the tree is sturdy, the shell of tree is glossy and beautiful.

3.Combine chicken egg shells and banana peels to make organic fertilizer for vegetables

The abundant calcium in eggshells combined with the organic potassium content in banana peels creates a super-nutrient organic fertilizer for vegetables. Help plants harden, sweet fruit and contribute more nutrients to the soil. How to make organic fertilizer easily:
Chop the banana peel and mash it with the eggshell. Then add water into the pot. Place the incubator in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. After about 3-4 days bring it to use. 

Chicken egg shells combine very well with banana peels (Photo: Internet)


In order for vegetables to maximize calcium or protein nutrition, the eggshell needs to be ground into a fine powder. Dried eggshells will make the puree easier. If the eggshell has just been discarded, rinsing may not be necessary. However, eggshells that are discarded for more than 1 day should be thoroughly washed and dried before use. This will help eliminate harmful fungi.

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