Types of water should not be drunk after waking up

Everyone know that drinking a glass of warm water after waking up will help the body feel refreshed and alert. However, if you carelessly drink some of the following types of water when you wake up, it can seriously affect your health.

1.soft drinks

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According to the advice of nutrition experts, in the early morning, when we wake up, we should not drink soft drinks because of the composition of the water. This drink contains substances that create gas, soda, and citric acid, which will cause negative effects on the metabolism and excretion of calcium, leading to low blood calcium levels.

Therefore, drinking soft drinks early in the morning regularly will lead to a lack of calcium in the blood and cause osteoporosis, joint pain, arthritis, …

2.Boiled water left for a long time.

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Drinking cooled boiled water is very good for the body because the water is very clean and free of bacteria, but drinking boiled water that has been cooled for many days is a completely different because the organic substances containing the Nitrogen have changed. It is converted into nitrites, and at the same time, when boiling water is left to cool for a long time, it will infect many bacteria and increase the rate of conversion to nitrite.
So you should only boil enough boiling water to drink and drink them no more than 24 hours.

3.Salty water

Many people think that drinking dilute salt water in the morning will be very good for health, but this is very harmful to health. Scientific studies have proven that drinking a lot of salt water in the early morning will dry out the body parts, make the blood concentrated, difficult to circulate, cause plasma loss and dry mouth.

Therefore, you should not drink salt water early in the morning, this type of water can increase the risk of blood pressure and is not good for the kidneys. You can replace dilute salt water with clean filtered water so as not to affect health.

4. Overnight tea

If brewed tea pots left for a long time, it will form many bacteria and fungi to grow. In particular, the nutritional components present in tea water such as polyphenols, vitamins, etc., can cause oxidative reactions that make the antioxidant components in tea water inferior, thereby reducing the nutritional value and makes green tea a harmful drink. Therefore, after waking up, you should not drink the tea you made the day before, but go and make a new pot of tea to protect your health.

5. Fruit juice

This drink mainly contains citric acid, which has the ability to speed up calcium metabolism, reduce calcium content in the blood, leading to calcium deficiency in the long term.

6. Ice water

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Many people often have the habit of drinking ice water in the morning, especially in the summer. However, this is extremely unscientific. Because when waking up, the body is still not functioning normally, ice easily causes gastric mucosal vasoconstriction, affecting and stimulating digestion. As a result, you may experience mild abdominal pain, even more severe stomach pain, diarrhea.

So, choose a glass of warm water instead of ice cold water to not adversely affect your health that day.

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