Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Forest

(Photo: edit Hmun)

With all the quarantining we’ve been doing this year the amount of toilet paper rolls that have piled up around here is too many to count…which made me think  to figure out something creative to do with them. I wanted to have a hand made touch from my kiddos on display this year, so making Christmas trees out of these little things instantly came to mind.

So in case you have piles of toilet paper or paper towel rolls rolls laying around too, here’s another project to keep your little ones busy and entertained.


  • Empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls
  • Marker or pencil for sketching tree shapes
  • Craft paint of choice
  • Scissors


1. Take your cardboard rolls and flatten them a little so you know where to draw your tree.

2. Draw your tree shape on the cardboard however you want it to look. Make sure to leave a bottom for your tree to stand up with. I left the bottoms of my rolls about 1-2 cms in height.

3. Start cutting around your lines, but be sure to have the roll still connected on some parts of the tree. This will help with the balance of the tree and for painting when the cardboard gets wet. 

For example: The tips on my tree branches are still connected after I cut around the outlined tree shape.

I did try some by leaving only one side of the tree and cutting off the back but in the end,  I found they didn’t stand up as straight as I wanted them to.

4. Once your shape is cut out, “fluff” out your tree a little so the bottom part is rounded again and is able to stand up. I had to pinch/fold it the opposite way it was folded before to bring it back to shape. 

5. Grab your favorite paint colors you want to paint your trees and get creative! 

*Tip: Choose 3-4 of colors for your palette, mix them to make different shades, make patterns, or use the cardboard color itself for a neutral look. This will make it more appealing to your eyes when the colors are all coordinating and draw your eyes in to look at it more. 

6. When you’re done set them up on your mantle, or in little vignettes around your house. I put them next to some ceramic white houses we pull out each year and I love how they contrast next to the houses. You can also use battery operated candles to put inside them to light them up. I used some copper while lights we had and intertwined them in the trees and houses and I love the simple, magical look to it all!

And now that you’re in the holiday spirit, check out my Christmas collection with all new artwork, hand lettered quotes you’ll love and intentional advent calendars to bring in more meaningful moments to your season. 


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