Tips for Growing Peas in Your Garden

First, let’s consider if you will be growing the peas from seed or using pre-started seedlings. Your first step in a successful crop will depend on which method you are using. Both have their advantages, as growing peas from seed will cost less, but using seedlings means enjoying your crop quicker.

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How to start peas from seed

First, you want to soak your seeds in water for 24 hours prior to planting. When they swell, they are ready to be planted.

When planting seeds, use soil that is rich and drains well. You want to plant about 30 days after the last frost of the season. Plant pea seeds in double rows, and place a trellis system in the center of the two rows. Seeds should be approximately two inches apart and one inch deep.

How to transplant peas

Peas do not need to be thinned out when you grow them from seed. Should you use seedlings as opposed to seeds, you will want to plant them in the same two-row fashion, with a trellis between the two rows for support. Plant seedlings two inches apart from each other just as you would seeds.

How to care for pea seedlings

Pea seedlings need a little tender loving care. They prefer cooler weather, so plant them as soon as the threat of frost is gone. You don’t want to wait until the weather is too hot. Once seedlings are 2-3 inches tall, you can mulch them to keep their roots nice and cool.

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