time management skill (photo: Hmun)

1. What are time management skills?

Time management includes the process of planning and detailing time for each specific activity step by step to accomplish all the goals. When students have good time management skills, their studying and working time will be more effective. Especially, if you have a part-time job and have many homework like me, you need to practice this skill more.

2. what will time management skills help you?

  • Helps you improve productivity & performance in school and work
  • Relieve pressure and stress
  • Have more time for hobbies & passions
  • Reduce bad habits
  • Work more efficiently


  • Make a to-do list: You can write down on a notepad or phone all the tasks that you need to complete.
  • Arrange tasks in order of priority: what is more important, you should prioritize to do it first, then complete other tasks later.
  • Make a timeline: Creating a timeline using Google Sheet will help limit your free time and it will also motivate you to continue completing the next tasks.
  • Summary of time: In the first week, consider the time of each task that you have done. Find out which tasks take up more time. Then filter and arrange them logically.
  • Discipline and Habits: Practice time discipline to avoid procrastination. Sometimes you may feel a bit “stressed” because of a deadline. But when discipline becomes a habit, it will help you a lot in the future.

Hopefully, my sharing will help you manage your study & work time in the most effective way.

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