Think like the rich

1. Habits make each of us have different lifes.
If you observe passengers around 30-40 years old, you will find that elite class passengers always read books, business class mostly read magazines or use laptops to work, economy class mainly read newspapers, watch movies, play video games. At the airport, most people in the VIP lounges will read books, but in the general lounges, most people use their phones. It is our habits that make each of us have different lifes.

2. Two bags of Garlic:
A merchant brought two bags of garlic to a Country where people had never seen garlic. Everyone were very interested. So the merchant earned two bags of gold. Another merchant heard about it and brought two bags of onions to there, and the people there were even more interested when they saw the onions. They thought that using gold could not fully express their love, so they gave two precious bags of garlic to the merchant. Those who know how to seize an opportunities firstly will get gold, those who follow may receive garlic!

Think like the rich

3. The $500
A boss went to a bank on Wall Street and borrowed $500 with mortgage for two weeks. So he used the Rolls-Royce car which parked in front of the door as collateral. The teller put his car in the garage and gave him a loan 500$. Two weeks later, he went back to the bank to pay the debt with the interest was only 15 USD. The bank staff discovered that he had several hundred thousand dollar in his account, and immediately asked him why he wanted to borrow money. “2 weeks parking fee” he said, “with $15, you can’t find it on Wall Street.”
Animals are superior in muscle strength, humans are superior in head.

4. 80/20
Bowling has 10 bottles, if you throw at 9 bottles, you will get 90 points; If each time you throw at all 10 bottles, the result will be 240 points. 80% of the rewards in this life are given to the top 20% of the people.

Distance from good to great is long,
if you can, be great!

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