These Are The Ornamental Plants You Should Have Because They Are Extremely Resistant to Electromagnetic Radiation

To partially limit the heat radiation caused by the computer, you can use some of the following ornamental plants. In addition to decorating the desk, it also works to prevent harmful rays from technology devices, especially computers and phones.

People who are constantly exposed to computers often experience dry, dull and acne-prone skin, these are the harmful effects of heat radiation from computers.
In addition, thermal radiation also has a significant effect on the brain. So, in order to partly limit the heat radiation caused by the computer, you can use some ornamental plants, they not only decorate the desk, but also has the effect of preventing harmful rays from industrial equipment, especially computers and phones.

Cactus plant

They can live well in all different environmental conditions. Placing cactus at the desk, not only helps your desk become green, but also helps a lot in limiting radiation that is harmful to health.

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However, cacti are sun-loving, so you should remember to expose them to the sun once a week for better growth.

Succulent plant

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Succulent plant is also a suitable choice for you who want to prevent heat radiation from the computer. This is a small, succulent plant that is very easy to grow and care for. Therefore, you will not spend too much time taking care of the tree like other plants.

Spider plant

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Spider plant with similar function to betel nut can no longer absorb pollution, purifying harmful gases in the house in a short time.
Spider plants can also convert carcinogenic emissions in the air such as formic aldehydes into ammonia gas.
This spider plant grows very strongly, after a while the tree will grow seedlings, now you can separate the seedlings and plant them in other pots to give to friends or colleagues.

Aloe plant

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Aloe vera can be considered a “panacea” for everyone to use. In addition to the beauty use for women, aloe vera can also be used to cook tea, kill harmful bacteria in the air, absorb unpleasant odors, purify the air… and especially computer radiation is extremely good. 

Daffodils plant

Daffodils usually bloom in the spring and are the best choice for absorbing harmful radiation. Moreover, daffodils are not only very beautiful but also good for health.

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All of them both decorate your desk more fresh and extremely useful in absorbing radiation rays that are harmful to your health.

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