The true reality

I instantly knew I’d really screwed up. I was in my website dashboard and intending to click a page ‘preview’, but instead I slipped and clicked Trash. And instantly my whole page was just…gone. I felt a sickness in my stomach, and my mind was close to full-blown panic. A strange sound of pain came out of my mouth. I laid down on the bed, wanting to just pull the covers over me and disappear. I breathed for a while.

Finally, as I calmed down, a hope was born. It was a simple thought… the memory that there was a ‘trash’ file on my computer…and that maybe the deleted page was in it. I got up to check. It wasn’t. Then I realized…oh, of course not… it would have to be in the WordPress online trash… not on my own computer. I wondered how I’d find it.

And something helped me to remember I could ‘ask google’, which I did, which produced several articles to read about how to recover an accidentally deleted page. I followed the instructions and found the page in the WordPress trash and ‘restored’ it. As the panic drained and my stomach normalized, I suddenly realized how grateful I was to whoever the unknown person was that had written the how to article.

And in an instantaneous flash of extension, I saw how much I depend upon thousands or millions of other people. The people that built the road, generate the electricity, grow the food…. all the unknown people whose lives touch mine by the chain of karma as what they have done becomes the ‘good and necessary’ in my life. That’s what I’m sitting with, as I write this… the incredible interconnectedness that is the true reality.

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