The Strangest Bananas In The World

Banana is a fruit plant that appeared a long time ago on our green planet. Initially, they were just wild plants, in order to domesticate and turn bananas into one of the most nutritious foods today, a rather complicated hybridization process was carried out. However, it is the process of hybridization that has created many varieties of bananas with different shapes and colors.

Wild Banana


This “not grown but self-reproducing” banana is also known as the wild banana. This is one of the few banana varieties that are difficult to eat or in other words are not used as food because inside it contains a lot of hard black seeds. Wild bananas are found in abundance in Southeast Asian countries.

Orange peeled bananas


Unlike other banana varieties, the “orange peel banana” variety has a distinctive red-orange color that looks quite attractive.

Kluay Banana


With an average length of about 36cm, the Kluay banana, also known as the Rihno banana, is considered a “terrible” banana variety in the world and is the longest banana variety today. Looking at the “appearance” of a banana, everyone thinks it’s going to be “a full meal”, but in fact the flesh of Kluay bananas is quite small.

Senorita Banana


If there is big, there must be small, so nature “born” the whole Señorita banana variety. With an average length of only about 2.5 to 5cm, Señorita is considered the “youngest brother” of the banana family.

Ae Ae Banana


Ae Ae not only made her mark in the extremely diverse and rich banana house not only with her very strange name but also because of her rare “appearance” that is hard to find. Many people often wonder why this type of banana is rarely seen. That’s because Ae Ae have a very bitter taste and low “reproduction rate”, so they are not used as food.

Black Banana


Black bananas probably won’t be strange to a few people. Many people think that black bananas are extremely healthy food, but it seems that yellow bananas are still popular.

Pink Banana


Pink bananas are bananas that seem to fit the saying “the more beautiful, the more toxic” because of their lovely and lovely appearance, but the taste of this banana variety is very bitter and very few people eat it, so they are often grown in house for landscaping.

Red Banana


With a characteristic sweet taste, with a hint of raspberry, red banana is the best-selling banana variety in the banana family. Not only that, it contains quite high potassium content.


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