The Foods That Rich In Vitamin C Should Be Eaten Every Day

Vitamin C is very important for health and you can completely get vitamin C from the foods you eat every day.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which found in many foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is considered a powerful antioxidant that has a positive effect on the immune system and skin. Vitamin C is also important for the synthesis of collagen, connective tissue, bones, teeth and blood vessels.

The human body cannot produce, synthesize and store vitamin C on its own. Therefore, you need to get enough vitamin C every day to bring health benefits, avoid disease. The amount of vitamin C the body needs per day or daily value (DV) is 90 mg.

Here is a list of foods that contain the most vitamin C:

1. Chili

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One green chili pepper contains 109 mg of vitamin C, or 121% of the DV. Meanwhile, one red pepper provides 65mg, or 72% of the DV. Chili peppers are considered to be one of the foods that contain the most vitamin C.

In addition, chili peppers are rich in capsaicin, the compound that causes their hot taste. Capsaicin may also reduce pain and inflammation.

2. Guava

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 One medium guava contains up to 126mg of vitamin C, or 140% of the DV. It is especially rich in the antioxidant lycopene.

A 6-week study in 45 young and healthy people showed that eating 400 grams of guava per day can significantly reduce blood pressure and total cholesterol levels, thereby providing many benefits for the cardiovascular system.

3. Yellow bell pepper

The vitamin C content in bell peppers or sweet peppers increases as they age. In 75 grams of yellow bell peppers provide 137 mg of vitamin C, equivalent to 152% of the DV, twice the amount found in green bell peppers.

Consuming enough vitamin C is important for eye health and may help protect against the progression of cataracts. A study of 300 women found that those with high vitamin C levels had a 33% lower risk of developing cataracts than those with low vitamin.

4. Thyme

Fresh thyme has three times more vitamin C than oranges and has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C of all culinary herbs. In 28 grams of thyme contains about 45mg of vitamin C, accounting for 50% of the DV.

Just adding 1-2 tablespoons of fresh thyme to your meals adds 3.5-7mg of vitamin C to your diet, which can boost immunity and help fight infections. . Thyme is often used to treat sore throats and other respiratory infections because it is very good for the immune system, helping to create antibodies, destroy viruses, bacteria and eliminate infected cells.

5. Parsley

Parsley is similar in appearance to cilantro (coriander) but the leaves are darker and thicker. Just 8 grams of parsley contains 10 mg of vitamin C, providing 11% of the DV.

Along with other green leafy vegetables, parsley is a significant source of plant-based non-heme iron. Vitamin C increases the absorption of non-heme iron. This helps prevent and treat iron-deficiency anemia.

6. Spinach

Spinach also known as spinach is also rich in vitamin C. One bowl of raw spinach provides 195 mg of vitamin C, or 217% of the DV.

Heat from cooking can reduce the vitamin C content of spinach, but a bowl of cooked spinach still provides 117 mg of vitamin C, or 130% of the DV.

7. Kale

Kale is a vegetable that belongs to the cruciferous family. One bowl of raw chopped kale provides 80mg of vitamin C, or 89% of the DV. It also provides high amounts of vitamin K and the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. Meanwhile, a bowl of cooked kale provides 53mg, or 59% of the DV for vitamin C.

8. Kiwi fruit

An average kiwi contains 71mg of vitamin C, or 79% of the DV, so it is also considered one of the richest fruits in vitamin C. Research indicates that vitamin C from kiwi fruit has the effect of reducing oxidative stress, lowering cholesterol and improving immunity.

9. Lemons

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One lemon, including the peel, provides 83mg of vitamin C, or 92% of the DV. The vitamin C in lemon juice also acts as an antioxidant. 

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