The extremely rare areas of rain appear brilliant vegetation

The purple flower carpet stretches across the barren land. 
(Photo: Live Science)

Referring to the desert, people will immediately think of the image of a hot, sunny land surrounded by golden sand, finding water is still difficult, let alone seeing flowers bloom. But reality has proven that, even in the most arid deserts, flowers can still bloom, even a lot, very colorful.

Not long ago, after an unusually heavy rain fell on northern Chile, a part of the Atacama desert was suddenly covered with brilliant flowers.

It is worth mentioning that the Atacama desert is considered one of the driest places in the world when the annual rainfall is measured at just over 15mm, in some places only 1mm. The scenery surrounding the desert is mostly just a yellow-brown color of extremely dry sand and rock.

But after catching rare drops of rain, many wildflowers bloomed, bringing unbelievable beauty to this land. According to scientists, the unusual flower phenomenon at Atacama is called “desert bloom” or desierto florido.

After the rain, more than 200 species of plants grow in this desert. Scientists predict that the number of new flower species will grow even more in the near future.

Information about the strange phenomenon in the Atacama Desert has attracted the attention of many people including tourists and the media. The blooming of flowers in the desert will probably last until the end of November, so people still have the opportunity to see this field of flowers with their own eyes, local officials said.

Nguyen Le

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