The Beautiful Little Flower Turns Transparent When It Water

Diphylleia grayi (Photo: pinterest)

Diphylleia grayi, also known as Sankayou in Japanese, Ye He Shan in Chinese in Chinese, is a species of flowering plant in the Huangmu family discovered in 1803, distributed mainly in the Eastern United States, Honshu province, Hokkaido, Japan. and Yunnan, China.

In spring, Sankayou often blooms with small clusters of beautiful white flowers among large green leaves shaped like an extremely graceful umbrella.

Especially when exposed to water or when it rains these beautiful petals will magically become crystal clear, but when dry they revert back to their original white color.

Diphylleia grayi (Photo: pinterest)

Sankayou usually grow on cold areas where there are wet mountain slopes, many large trees because they like the shade. They are perennials and can grow up to 500 cm tall. The flowers will bloom in spring until early summer.

In China, Sankayou or Ye He Shan is considered a precious remedy for blood circulation, detoxification, swelling, and snakebite treatment.


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