Terrarium ( Photo: Pinterest)

Terrarium is Plants grown in glass jars or in glass pots that are a popular trend with plant lovers. It is an ecosystem consisting of  plants grown in delicately  arranged glass jars , creating a gentle, relaxing picture of nature.Terrarium is both a beautiful decoration and shows the unique personality.

General characteristics of Terrarium

Terrarium is a very developed type in the world, it has appeared for a long time. Over time, and the characteristics of each area that grow Terrarium are created to match the characteristics of each place, and it is a very special kind of mini desktop miniature  . People also call it by a few other names such as mini ecosystem, desktop ecosystem… 

The feng shui meaning of Terrarium

Terrarium are a type of bonsai play with style and personality. It is a mini ecosystem, so not all plants can be grown in glass jars. After the experience, there are some plants that are suitable for growing in glass jars. Plants such as: areca small brooch, Lucky Tree, Moss, … are all trees that bring good feng shui meanings such as prosperity, increased fortune, and good luck to the owner. Because they can flexibly use plants to their liking, small landscape  in glass pots are  fully active in adjusting the feng shui effect to suit them.

The effect of Terrarium

With a mini ecosystem, your living space will become extremely lively. Despite its small size, it has the ability to make a space impressive.Terrarium also bring lightness and relaxation.

Placement of Terrarium

Glass vases, glass jars or glass pots have different sizes, different shapes. Inside are ornamental plants that are flexibly coordinated to create a unique and vivid picture of nature.

In fact, everyone likes to always have ornamental plants and flowers in the house, but with the need to arrange flowers and change them every day, many women choose Terrarium that are both lively and cost-effective.

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