Thunbergia make a Sunny Arizona Glow

Thunbergia are fun flowering house plants because of their versatility. They can be grown in a hanging basket, in an indoor window box, up around a window or on a trellis in a window. Thunbergia is a climber with long, thin tendrils that will grab onto anything they can – including shade pulls, mini blinds, and other plants.

Hanging baskets should be given enough clearance to allow the plant to hang rather than attach itself to whatever is nearby.   For use in landscapes and containers.  If grown in a hanging basket it will climb the chains, which can look pretty cool.  Given something to climb on in landscapes and upright containers, it will do so, otherwise it will sprawl and potentially climb nearby plants. 

Continuous bloomer, best if given some afternoon shade. This tender perennial climber is evergreen in Zones 10 and warmer. Cheerful, 1.5-inch flowers in shades of orange and yellow cover this fast-growing vine. The blossoms have a simple form: 5 petals surrounding a brownish purple center. Black-Eyed Susan Vine, also known as Clock Vine, is a unique, quick-growing annual that delights with large, bright orange blooms on tall, vining foliage. Perfect for trellises and fences!

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