Source Energy is always leading

Source Energy is always leading

I’ve been listening a to a lot of Abraham lately, and especially about how when you start to get aligned, impulses will come to you, and to follow those impulses because Source Energy is always leading you towards what you want, even when you might not know exactly what that is! So, I’ve been doing my artwork on a table with a drawing easel. It has meant that there’s been no space for my colored pencils, pend, paints, brushes etc! So I’ve been using the old dressing table that’s next to me as a makeshift table. It’s been OK like this, yet not perfect.

Anyway, the other day, whilst sitting there precariously perching my brushes in water on the old dressing table, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have lots of compartments and spaces to put all my pencils out and keep my paints and sketch books tidy and easy to use…

Didn’t think any more about it.

Then, on Monday evening, browsing Facebook, and a beautiful Davenport desk pops up in my feed (Facebook trending what I’ve been thinking about!) It was small with lots of drawers built in down its side.

It was local, and so I messaged the seller. They told me that it wasn’t a genuine antique – a modern replica. My husband, who is a fabulous co-creator, immediately started looking at eBay and sending me genuine Davenport desks for half the price! This led me onto others popping up on eBay (things you might like) and then one just came up that I just KNEW was perfect for me.

Everything just fell into place: contacted a courier to get quotes, bid on the item and won it at asking price! Courier quotes still coming in getting cheaper and better. The bureau I’ve won has so many compartments and space for me to work and have all my pencils and paints out easily.

Plus, I’m now going to sell the original old dressing table to make room for this new item! Everything is always working out for me! Get in the flow. Meditate daily, and then the universe will start nudging you towards what you want. Before I won the eBay auction, I just knew it was already mine. I was imagining it where it’s going to be, how I’m going to use it.

Everything is vibration first, so my vibration had claimed it. I’m excited for its arrival and will keep you posted. Feeling excited.

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