Simple Secrets Of Growing Mushrooms At Home

Simple Secrets Of Growing Mushrooms At Home (Photo: Hmun)

Last time, I wrote an article about the trend of growing mushrooms at home, today, I decided to reveal to you 4 simple steps to grow mushrooms at home and still achieve high yields.

STEP 1: Preparing The Place For Mushroom Embryo

First, the place for mushroom is very important, you should put them in a place with enough light and coolness, for example: Stair corners, empty rooms, certain corners of the house, hand wash sink,. .. that you rarely use or do not use.

However, in case that your house is too small, you can use the toilet, remember to always ensure the cleanliness, otherwise it is easy to damage the fungal embryos. If the house is large, you can take advantage of the toilet that is rarely used or not used, as long as the place can let water evarporate and ensure coolness.

Avoid placing in areas with balconies, windows or near doors, even avoid bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens, because these are the places we often live.

STEP 2: Let Mushroom Rest For Some Day

When you have just brought the embryos home, you need to let the embryos rest for about 5 days. Make sure the environment is dry and cool, do not water at this time, this helps the embryos recover after the transport process.

After opening the cap, the embryo should be placed slightly downward, not horizontal or upwards. Put the neck down will help you when watering, unfortunately, when water gets into the embryo’s neck, it is also easy to get out without stagnation of water, reducing embryo damage or mould.

STEP 3: Watering Mushroom In Right Way

After bringing the mushroom embryo back and letting the embryo rest for about 5 days, you can now proceed to open the lid and water the mushroom embryo.

When the embryo has been opened, everyone should use a mist sprayer to water on bag of mushroom embryos, water from the top down or slightly …, just spray mist around the environment for a few days until the embryo become funggus and coming out. If you have a thermometer, keep it at 90-95% humidity and below 30 degrees Celsius is best.

Every day, we only need to water 4-5 times (when it’s hot) and 1-2 times (when it’s cool with high humidity).

STEP 4: Harvest The Mushrooms In Right Way

When harvesting, it will be up to you, if you like to harvest large mushroom or small mushroom, whatever. But according to my suggestion, to cook delicious mushrooms, everyone should harvest when the mushroom reaches 4-5cm is standard.

When harvesting, keep your hand under the stem of the mushroom close to the embryo’s neck and shake it back and forth and gently pull it out, so when you pick the whole bunch of mushrooms, you will be able to pull the base out (the mushroom does not break), the embryo neck will be clean, old root.


  • The area where the mushroom embryos will need to avoid from the direct sunlight and rain on the embryo’s bag if you do not want the embryos to be damaged. The place to put the mushroom embryos must also avoid wind, because when the mushrooms meet the wind, the mushrooms will be wilted and dry.
  • When watering embryos, you do not water directly at the embryo neck because it will accidentally accumulate a lot of water in the embryo neck.
  • When harvesting, it is best to use your hands to harvest by shaking, limit leaving the root of mushrooms, remember to wash your hands thoroughly and use a bowl or basket to store mushrooms. After that, you can use a knife/scissors to cut off the root of the sawdust …

These are the steps I have learned when growing mushrooms at home and received very good results. Hope this information will help everyone grow mushrooms better.

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