Shredded Paper Can Also Help Keep Your Garden Green

(photo: edit Hmun)

1. Use shredded paper to grow potatoes

When mixing soil, potatoes will need a high amount of fertilizer compared to conventional crops. Therefore, to stimulate root growth, for many bulbs, the soil needs high porosity. So you can mix more shredded paper into the soil.

2. Shredded paper for seeding

Seeds also need to be protected in warm weather, favorable for germination. To avoid the harsh effects of the outside climate, you should use a plastic mold and mix the shredded pulp with soft soil to plant the seeds.

3.Insect repellent

Use shredded paper to effectively prevent pests when soaking paper with essential oils. You can mix shredded paper with a few drops of mint, rosemary, basil, thyme, or clove oils. Then mix the paper into the soil and plant the plant, or sprinkle shredded paper around the base of the plant. They will help protect healthy plants, effectively avoid pests.

4. Composting fertilizer for plants

In addition to the organic ingredients in the kitchen, you can also increase the moisture and porosity of the soil by mixing in shredded paper. Paper in fertilizer mixing can increase the diffusion of oxygen and carbon, increasing the effective help for plant growth.

5.Increase soil moisture

When growing plants in pots, especially with long-rooted plants that require a lot of water to support the stem, it is extremely necessary to use shredded paper to place the bottom of the pot. You will not spend much time watering when the paper layer can effectively retain moisture and increase the porosity of the soil.

6. Add mulch to the soil

As a gardener, you need to focus not only on the nutrients that add to your plants, but also on protecting them from pests, weeds, and harmful weather effects. So, use shredded paper to spread on the soil to maintain moisture as well as protect plants from pests.

7.Shredded paper as scarecrow

Scarecrows can repel birds and insects, make use of cardboard to draw a human-like face. This helps the garden effectively avoid the birds that eat vegetables.


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