Sedum dasyphyllum is a species of plant in the family of Clrassulaceae.

This small frost-tolerant Sedum has fat, blue-green leaves. As it grows, it spreads out, creating a ground cover. If grown in a planter, it spills out over and creates “spiller.” It has white flowers, and the leaves blush pink in the Summer.

It creates carpeting of powdery bluish-green, tiny round leaves, which later sprouts star-shaped flowers.

The color of this plant changes to a purple hue during the winter.

Sedum Dasyphyllum is suitable for growing in dry walls’ crevices, on green roofs, and between stepping stones.

A typical Sedum Dasyphyllum type from Central Europe is rather distinct; it’s highly unlikely to separate this plant clearly from the various other types.

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Sedum dasyphyllum