The popular name of this flower is called “Plumeria” after the French botanist Charles Plumier, who described the tropical beauty of this flower in the 17th century…,
Plumeria are plants that represents charm, new beginnings as well as creativity. Therefore, it is often used for wedding flowers, bridal flowers. It means to bring a happy married life, the beginning of a new family. Plumeria are considered to be flowers that represent immortality and longevity… It is often favored to grow a lot in temples, shrines or fortresses. Especially, this is also the national flower of Laos. Plumeria are especially popular in countries where Buddhism is the main religion. This flower can be considered as an idyllic but an extremely sacred flower.
This is a very easy-to-grow plant that grows quickly and requires little care, so it is very popular. The tree has beautiful and fragrant flowers, so it is often planted to beautify the landscape. Trees also provide shade and are widely used by public buildings. Plants can be planted in parks, along streets or in large urban areas. It is also planted a lot in the aisles, roadside or garden courtyards, temples, hospital areas. Even in cemeteries, there are many varieties of this plant.
Once when we were camping, we saw some Plumeria tree branches lying around. Perhaps this tree was cut down and discarded. Miraculously, among the withered branches still sprouted bright yellow Plumerias flowers. That’s how I know the vitality of this tree is so intense.

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