Philodendron Plants (Photo: Pinterest)

This ornamental plant is native to Southeast Asia and South Asia. The tree grows commonly in warm lowlands. Ornamental plants have both feng shui meanings and have many health benefits for humans.

Features of the tree

Philodendron plants is a herbaceous plant that lives for many years. The leaves of the ornamental plant have a large form, strong perspiration, so it is useful in cleaning the environment in the room. In addition, when the indoor temperature and humidity are right, a flower will emerge from the center of the leaf. The overall look is very beautiful, elegant and noble.

Benefits of ornamental plants in life

Philodendron Plants (Photo: Pinterest)
  • Ornamental Philodendron tree has very large, green and beautiful foliage. They are grown in eco-tourism areas, resorts, etc.,  With this beauty, ornamental plants are often used to decorate the landscape in hotels, offices, resorts …. 
  • Besides, the plant is also used to make medicine.
  • Stems, roots and petioles are not poisonous and should be used as food.
  • The plant has anti-insect and anti-inflammatory effects. According to medicine, the tree supports very well for the treatment of burns and wounds in the software.
  • Burning tubers are easy to cause itching but have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.
  • The stem helps with urticaria.
  • Not only that, growing plants indoors also helps to purify the air and absorb dust. As a result, the indoor air is cleaner, and healthier.

The Feng Shui Meaning of the Tree

In feng shui, Philodendron plants bring luck and fortune to the homeowner. The tree is tall with large and wide foliage, meaning for smooth sailing, prosperity and peace for the owner.

In addition, the tree also brings the wish for a peaceful life, peace, tranquility in the soul.


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