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How One Overweight 45-Year-Old Serial Dieter Grew Tired Of The Lies And Has Disrupted The Slimming Industry With Her Game-Changing Discovery!

…And she reveals the shocking truth about why weight loss clubs love it when you fail!

Jessica Miller, Investigative Reporter

Jessica Miller | Investigative Reporter
Monday, November 15, 2021

(Sonoma, CA) Multiple attempts to lose weight had left 45-year-old Alana demoralized, exhausted, and heavier than ever. Desperate to slim down for her daughter’s wedding, she turned to a well-known slimming club for support- and found she was failing yet again. She could never have dreamed that her experience would lead her to the breakthrough that may well revolutionize our entire approach to weight loss and dieting.

I sat down with her to get the full scoop:

Jessica: So tell me how your story began Alana.
Alana: As a successful pharmacist, with my own business, I was used to being in control. I prided myself on my logical approach to problem-solving – just ask the right questions, try various solutions, and observe the results. Simple right?

Well, not in this case. Unfortunately, at that point in my life, I was around 50lbs over my so-called ‘ideal weight’ – and that was all I could focus on.
Because of course, as the mother of the bride, I was expected to look my best. I’d be in all the photos and all people would see would be what my husband jokingly my ‘larder’ – evidence of all the excess calories I’d consumed and which were now stored in the folds of fat that hung loosely over my body.
Jessica:Were his remarks hurtful? You’re obviously a strong and confident woman.
Alana: He wasn’t trying to be mean, but of course they were! Although we had a great marriage, I remembered how I’d looked when we first met, and even after the birth of our daughter.
Now I’d turned into a frumpy middle-aged woman, while he was a successful and (in my eyes) devastatingly attractive man. Of course, I was aware that I could lose him. Let’s just say our marriage had already lost its spark. I felt unattractive and exhausted.
Jessica: Understand.
Alana:In reality, I was just ashamed of how much I’d let myself go – how could I have let myself get into this state? When I was younger, I’d been so proud of my slim body. Then over the years, extra weight had just crept on, a pound here, a pound there. I just bought new clothes that were one size bigger, telling myself that they were making them smaller these days… and that next week I’d start my new diet.
Jessica:That kind of thinking is something that so many of us can identify with.

I Was Confronted With A Changing-Room Nightmare!

Alana:But my lowest moment came when I went shopping for my wedding outfit. I wanted something stylish and eye-catching, and I was prepared to invest so that I’d look my best on the big day.
I was excited to go with my daughter to my favorite designer store. I was sure they’d have an outfit which would flatter my figure – I was still kidding myself that maybe I could look ‘curvy’ instead of – oh god, how I hate that word -‘obese’.
Instead, it became a nightmare!!
The assistant couldn’t even come up with one outfit that I could get into! I tried on a couple of loose-fitting tops but it was just by good luck that I didn’t rip the seams – they were so tight on me.
In the end, the assistant just shook her head and admitted defeat – there wasn’t even a belt that she could sell me.
Of course, my sweet daughter tried to diffuse my embarrassment and cheer me up by suggesting we try other stores, but I was devastated. I told her I wasn’t feeling so well, and we just abandoned the trip for another day.
Jessica: That must have been so demoralizing for you.
Alana:That’s an understatement. When my husband came home late that evening, he found me sitting on our bed, my cheeks wet and stained with mascara. I’d been sobbing all afternoon–letting out all the frustration and self-loathing I felt. Poor guy, he tried to find out what was wrong, but how could I explain to him? I guess he put it down to my hormones.
Jessica:And then?
Alana:The next day, I pulled myself together. I was determined to put an end to all this struggling and failing. I was going to reclaim the real me.
I thought about my friends. Many of them were going through the same struggles as me. We all shared stories of the weight-loss diets we’d tried – from the ‘eggs and grapefruit’ diet to the cabbage soup diet, the Atkins diet, the high-fiber diet, the Beverly Hills diet, the Cambridge diet, the Scarsdale diet, the raw food diet, the diet shakes, the powdered meal replacements, and so on and so on! It was endless.

Believe me, I’d tried them all. And not one of them had ever solved the problem of how to lose weight and make sure it didn’t return.

Jessica: Yep, we’ve all been there. But surely some of them must be OK? Had any of them ever worked for you?

Alana: Well, to some extent, some of them did, it’s true. After weeks or months of depriving myself, I’d be so proud that I’d lost 10 or even 20 pounds. But, they were hard to stick to for more than a few weeks, so at some point, I’d give up, and the weight would come piling back on, plus a few extra pounds for good measure.

And what makes me so angry now is that this inevitable cycle of losing and gaining is put down to ‘cheating’ or ‘lack of willpower’ – so it’s no wonder we women often feel this sense of weakness and failure.

Jessica: It’s true, women are blamed for failing to stick to diets – but now you’re saying that it’s the diets that are actually to blame!

Alana: I was coming round to that realization, but at that point my thoughts were still on the wedding. I was determined to lose weight and I needed support. My last hope – I joined a well-known slimming club.

Jessica: So what was your experience there? Did you achieve your amazing weight loss with their help?

Alana: Far from it. You know, Jessica, their marketing is very sophisticated – celebrity endorsements, clear diet plans, with foods you can and can’t eat, and group leaders to motivate you. And on the surface, it seems that they could be the answer.

But, when I analyzed what I experienced, objectively, the reality was very different. First, those meetings. Although the weigh-in rituals were quite discreet, it was very obvious who had lost a pound or so and who hadn’t. Those who’d gained weight would be devastated and filled with self-blame.

Then there were the motivational talks. While certain ‘stars’ in the group were singled out for praise, other people were openly humiliated. I remember that more than once, the leader criticized the whole group for being lazy cheats, and threatened to ‘crack her whip’ if she needed to! As she didn’t have an actual whip (at least not that I ever saw) I think she meant that we’d be in for more shaming and insults if she didn’t see her stats improve!

I often left the meetings more depressed and demoralized than ever – I was on the edge of despair.

Jessica: Bottom line – how much did you lose?

Alana: If you’re asking about money – plenty! The subscription, their low-fat meals, other foods I needed to stick to their diet. But in terms of weight – over 1 month I lost a grand total of – three pounds!

And so it finally dawned on me – these clubs don’t want you to lose weight rapidly, and keep it off, they want you to keep paying your membership. 75lbs to lose equals up to 75 weekly payments for them! And when you fall off the wagon (like most people do), the weight goes back on quickly and that means it will take you even longer to reach your target. So more money for the club!

Jessica: That makes so much sense now you spell it out like that. And by now I guess it was only 2 months to the wedding. What happened next?

Desperation Turns Into Determination!

Alana: I’d finally had enough of the fake promises and false claims. I’d finally had enough of being told I was weak and a failure as a woman.

And so I finally took control.

I started to comb through the latest research findings into the science behind weight loss to find the key that would help me unlock the secret of how the body can maintain its perfect weight.

Much of it concerned the effect that hormones have on the body’s metabolism. As women approach the menopause years, our hormones change and the metabolism slows down. That’s the reason we constantly hear women complain ‘I hardly eat anything but I still can’t lose weight’

Suddenly, I understood the truth behind weight gain! These women aren’t liars or cheats – in fact, they’re reporting a simple truth, but no one is listening!

Jessica: So do they just need to exercise more to speed up their metabolism?

Alana: Well, I found out that exercise will help to some extent, but when you’re already overweight and have low energy, it’s only a small part of the solution – data shows it only contributes to around 15% of total weight loss.

I wanted to find something that would allow my body to burn its fat stores safely, and fast.

Jessica: Did you try going to a doctor?

Alana: Yes, but all he offered was yet another low-calorie diet sheet. I tried hard to stay polite. Listen, every woman knows which foods contain how many calories- from our years of being obsessed with losing weight. We don’t need to be told again. He knew it, and I knew it.

But his only other solution was to prescribe synthetic slimming pills. These are known to have harmful side effects, and furthermore, can be addictive, so were a total no-no for me.

Enough Was Enough!

Jessica: So, sounds like you hit a brick wall….

Alana: In one sense, yes. But, Jessica, if you knew me you’d understand that when I set my mind to something, I won’t stop until I get there.

So I kept searching, looking for the keys to stimulate weight loss, especially in women. The only person I told was my daughter, who wanted to help, not only her mom but women everywhere.

And so, as I continued to comb through the latest scientific findings, we began by experimenting with a combination of effective ingredients which work on the body’s metabolism, using safe doses, to see if they worked in practice.

Jessica: Wow, that’s very brave of you!

What Happened Next Was Nothing Short Of A Miracle!

Alana: Honestly, at that point I felt I had nothing to lose. I was ready to be the guinea pig.

What happened next, though, was stunning for both of us! I had expected it to take time before any results were noticeable, as I was mainly looking for long-term changes.

But just seven days after taking the first of our combination of supplements – I was astonished when I stood on the scale and realized I had lost eight pounds! No change in diet or exercise, I’d just taken our trial formula daily!

Jessica: That sounds amazing! Alana, I hate to sound cynical but, as all serial dieters know, the first couple of weeks, it’s only water we’re losing – it’s an illusion that doesn’t last.

Alana: You’re right. And that’s what I thought, at first. But I kept on taking the mixture, and the weight kept falling off – 4lbs the second week, 5 lbs in week 3, 3lbs in week 4. That is – 20lbs lost in 4 weeks! I couldn’t attribute that to water loss. I was burning fat at an astonishing rate.

Jessica: Phenomenal! You were almost halfway to your original weight loss goal.

Alana: Yes, I’d stumbled on something that had allowed me to lose 40% of my excess weight in a single month!

Alana, 4 weeks after the start of her trial.

Alana: We realized we were onto something revolutionary here. So, after a few small tweaks to provide even more benefits, we applied to protect our formula before others copied and perhaps weakened it by using cheaper or synthetic ingredients. It was a race against time – exciting and scary all at once.

And before we went any further, I wanted to test the results even more. So I continued with the same dose for another two weeks.

Jessica: Did you continue to see similar results?

Alana: Oh yes! The excess pounds seemed to melt away. I had more energy, and also my skin and hair seemed more – not sure of the right word – healthy or glowing. I guess I was just more vibrant.

And then, 2 weeks before the wedding, I went shopping again- back to that favorite store. I was so relieved to find that I had several outfits to chose from, and they actually fit me! The assistant, who’d seen me only a few weeks earlier, was blown away by my transformation.

And in the two weeks left before my beloved daughter’s wedding, I continued to lose! After only 8 weeks I’d shed a total of 32lbs!

If I hadn’t wasted time at that slimming club, I’m sure I’d have reached my target weight by the big day, but still, I got there soon after. And I had my new outfit, which I proudly showed off in all the wedding photos. I felt amazing.

Jessica: So many women would envy that loss!

Alana: As I watched my daughter walk down the aisle, my tears weren’t only for how beautiful she looked on the happiest day of her life. I was filled with pride and gratitude for the way she’d supported me and my idea, without judgment or skepticism. It was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Jessica: A wonderful ending to your story!

Alana: Not quite. Because based on my transformation, friends started asking me to share my secret. As all the ingredients were safe and available in other forms, I asked them if they’d be willing to participate in some more trials. Here are just a few of the results:


Anna P, 47, “ I lost 5 inches off my waist in only 10 weeks!”


Lynda M. 41, “ Couldn’t believe it was so easy to drop 38 lbs in 9 weeks!”


Suzanne B. 38 ‘ After 12 weeks I was 3 dress sizes smaller!”

Jessica: These are amazing results!

Alana: Yes, based on these, the word kept spreading, and soon I couldn’t keep up with the demand. I was spending so much time mixing the formula in my lab, my husband started calling me his ’Mad Scientist’!

He was proud of me though, and that meant so much. Finally, he suggested that I start a company to produce my formula commercially, so I could continue to guarantee the purity of the ingredients. So that’s what I did and that’s how I got where I am today!

Jessica: Fantastic, I’m not surprised the word spread…

Alana: We called it ‘Nature’s Pure Keto’, and launched it six months ago now. The response has been phenomenal, and every time I get an email from a woman telling me her story and thanking me for this breakthrough, I know this is what I was meant to do in my life. My daughter and my formula – these are the two things I’m most proud of!

Jessica: How has the industry responded to your breakthrough?

I’ve rejected plenty of offers from big pharma companies, and diet pill manufacturers – I’m convinced that they just wanted to suppress it so that they could continue to sell their useless products. I’m more focused on helping other women escape the nightmare of dieting so they can regain their ideal weight and overall health- for once and for all.

Disrupting The Weight-Loss Industry – How Does Nature’s Pure Keto Actually Work?

Jessica: This is exactly why I’ve been wanting to interview you. As an investigative beauty reporter, I live for stories like this. I certainly took sat up and took notice when I heard rumors of your weight loss product- and the secret that’s disrupting the entire slimming industry.

Without giving your secrets away, could you explain more about how Nature’s Pure Keto works?

Alana: Surely. Nature’s Pure Keto provides exactly what’s needed to boost any weight-loss attempts. If you want, you can use it on its own, or in conjunction with a specific diet such as keto or the sirt food diet. You’re in control.

It works primarily because it causes the body to switch to using fat, rather than glucose (carbohydrates), as its primary energy source. And because we incorporated natural exogenous (external) ketones, the excess weight seems to melt away as if by magic. But it’s not magic, it’s biology!

Breathtakingly Rapid Transformations Are Finally Possible Without Dangerous Surgery Or Addictive Pills!

Jessica: How did your whole ordeal change the weight-loss game for you?

Alana: Now that I think about it, I had no game before I developed Nature’s Pure Keto! Like most of us, I was influenced by the latest fads and would try anything, without expecting much. Whenever I failed, I believed it was my fault and that there was something wrong with me.

Now, I can’t even remember how or why I ever struggled so much. I’ve achieved my ideal weight, without following some irrational and restrictive diet. I exercise because I enjoy it, not in the vain hope that I can sweat my fat away. My skin feels great and my hair is shiny. The ‘zing’ is back in my marriage. Sometimes I still can’t believe this is real.

Jessica: Why do you think Nature’s Pure Keto is so effective?

Alana: It’s because the natural ingredients we used are in precise combinations and produce a range of helpful effects on the body. They work in synergy.

Some of them help the body move into a fat-burning state. They stimulate the cells to release fat for energy, while others prevent carbohydrates from being stored in your cells as fat.

Some increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food – which is why people often report that they feel so great when taking Nature’s Pure Keto.

We also included active some anti-stress ingredients to help people get a refreshing night’s sleep while their body gets to work on restoring its ideal weight for optimum health.

Jessica: So you’ve really created something that will help women feel and look their best! It sounds amazing and I wish you every success in getting the word out – we can honestly take control of our weight and our life with this safe and natural discovery. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all this to us, Alana.

Alana: Thank you, Jessica, for your interest. It’s been a great pleasure talking with you and sharing my story.


When Jessica returned with this story of a product that could turn the slimming industry on its head, of course we were intrigued. But before agreeing to go ahead and publish, I wanted to verify the claims Alana was making for her discovery. So, we asked our co-workers if anyone wanted to volunteer for a trial. We selected four, different ages and with different weight-loss goals. Then we asked them to track their progress for 8 weeks. Here are their results, and this is why we are publishing the article.


Marianne, 60. Goal – lose 30lbs. ‘In 8 weeks I had lost 26lbs. I wasn’t following a diet, although I did cut back on my glass of wine in the evenings!’


Kerry, 38. Goal- lose 14lbs ‘ I thought this product was a joke until I actually tried it. I wanted to lose 14lbs which had slowly crept on. I tried to follow the SIRT food diet but gave up after 3 weeks. Didn’t make any difference – I reached my goal in 6 weeks!’


Ria, 22. Goal – lose 10lbs ‘I wanted to lose a few pounds so I’d look good in a bikini and in my Instagram shots. I go to the gym a lot, but couldn’t shift these pounds. But, in less than 3 weeks my body was how I wanted it to be again’


Janine, 39. Goal – 40lbs to lose. ‘ With my 40th birthday coming up, I thought this would be a great time to get back in shape. I aimed to lose 1 pound for every year of my life! By the end of the trial, I only had 5 more pounds to go. I’m amazed and of course, I’m going to keep going with it!’


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