Have you ever been impressed with a person’s beauty at first sight? If you ever meet them, don’t just admire them, because you can be beautiful like them. These are the simplest ways that you can apply every day to become more beautiful.

1. Drink enough water

The amount of water that we are advised to drink every day is from 1.5l to 2l of water. Drinking enough water helps you keep your skin smooth and healthy from the inside. Drinking enough water also helps digestion and weight loss. However, a common problem for most of us is forgetting to replenish our water. Don’t worry, there are some great tips I’ve learned. Firstly, put a glass of water next to you, while working or studying, you will automatically notice and drink water. Second, instead of just drinking water, replace it with teas, juices, etc… to diversify your taste.

2. Get enough sleep

The benefits of getting enough sleep are well known. If we stay up late for many days, we will be very tired, irritable and have acne. Because sleep is the way to regain energy and detoxify the body after a long day. A tip I often apply is not using the phone before going to bed, because if you use it, there is a high risk that you will use until midnight.

3. Read books to improve knowledge

A person’s beauty is not only from the outside but also from the inside. That is total beauty. The easiest way to enrich knowledge is to read books. Spending at least 30 minutes a day reading a book. In addition, Reading book not only get new knowledge and new life skills, but also to help “detox” that phone. If you are still confused about what to read, you can try reading bilingual books to help you learn a foreign language. That method will increase self-knowledge and improve foreign language skills.

Applying the above methods, we are every day a new version more complete, more beautiful, more radiant than yesterday!

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