Mission of life

Every human being is born with a certain mission, everything in life has a meaning, we must find it” Living in the world is an opportunity that God has given us. How you use that opportunity is up to you. Each of us has different keys and doors, our own paths do not have a common key for all. That door and path belongs to you.

Everyone has their own strenghts and weaknesses, no matter how strong they are, there is still an Achilles heel, but one thing is that every weakness comes from a strength, the important thing that you need to know is when you should do what? 

You can run away from anyone but you can’t run from yourself. Life is living in the hearts of others, the danger of not being yourself, beauty lies within, learning the good from the bad. Happiness is a process, not a moment, too much is not good, too good, too smart, too beautiful, too kind… It is important that you love yourself in order to love others. Each of us has its own value, its own dignity, like in a flower garden, each flower will have its own value of giving off its fragrance. Overcome yourself, don’t be afraid of difficulties. Difficulties will make us stronger and stronger.

source: Sticky rice

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