passion (photo: Hmun)


Each of us has a passion to live a better life. So do you know what your passion is?

1.He has a passion for football

I have a friend, he has a passion for football. Before, because of soccer, he broke his leg, he couldn’t play football for many years. Every time he watched football, he had the feeling that he wished he could play on that football field too. After a period of treatment, his leg recovered. He was finally allowed to play to indulge his passion with his teammates. Every day later,he was happy and smiling, when I pretended to ask about football, he rambled on about the rules of the field, the formation, how to score goals or the heart-stopping phases he had witnessed‚Ķ when it’s his passion, even though he’s bruised on the pitch, he’s still smiling.

2.What is your passion?

Have you ever asked yourself what you really like, what you want to do, or something like that? Determining what we like and what we want to do is really important, because only when we determine that, we will devote ourselves to it, on the contrary, if we can’t always determine our passion, we will get lost easily and live a meaningless life.

However, the reality is that there are passions which we cannot use to make money. Passion without making money, it is just considered a hobby. People with real passion will create value from that passion. In this life, besides the worries about the burden of food and money, there will be moments when people forget their passion and only worry about making money. But if you know how to turn passion into a pleasure in life, making us happier, our lives will be more wonderful days. Once passion is attached to the work you do, it has become a “great passion” rather than mere hobbies.


In short, passion makes us live a meaningful life. Everyone needs to find their passion in order to choose the right future path for themselves.

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