Immerse Yourself In A VIRTUAL WORLD!!!

Do you agree with me that the more integrated the world is, the more modern it is, the more “virtual worlds” on social networks appear !!! Some platforms such as facebook, messenger, instagram, tik tok, …. are the largest social networking today . People extensively start using social networking, especially rising a pproblem that is “Immerse Yourself in the virtual world”.

(Photo: Hmun)

First, if you know how to use these platforms effectively, it’s just a tool for entertainment and relaxation. If you are smart, these platforms can also be money-making tools.

But nowadays, many young people are “addicted to the virtual world, immersed in the virtual world”. In addition, I also read a lot of “disgusting” articles and then went on Facebook to argue and curse each other, sometimes even dirty clips. There are clips and posts that are causing confusion for people, sometimes even fading their traditional identity.

Following trends on social networks takes lot of time, effort and even money. Immersed in the virtual world makes us seem to forget the real world. Very few want to meet each other, if they meet then just holding a phone and surfing social networks. We seem to forget the small but important things in real life. We connect friends from all over the world, but gradually become strangers to our own family. Social networking platforms are the connecting bridge as well as the wall separated us. Have you wondered what would happen if we didn’t have those social networking platforms?

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