If you want to pray for rain, bring an umbrella

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There was a village where there was no rain for almost a whole year, the trees withered, the rivers and lakes gradually dried up, and water became increasingly scarce. People in the village decided to gather together to hold a ceremony to pray for rain. The next evening all the villagers gathered at the church to pray. It was until late at night that people started to get up to leave, at that moment there was thunder and lightning and heavy rain.
The villagers hugged each other and cheered for joy because their prayers had come true, it had finally rained. But it kept raining, the rain wouldn’t stop, so they couldn’t go home. At that moment, a girl came out from the crowd, took out a umbrella from her bag, the girl opened the umbrella and then went out and left to the surprise of all the villagers. At that time, all the villagers understood that everyone came here to pray for rain, but only the girl believed in her prayer, believing it would rain, so she brought an umbrella.
In life too, a lot of people want to be happy, rich, and want their children to be good, but do they really believe that they can be happy? they definitely will be rich? their children will be successful or talent? Why do you want it but yourself do not believe you can do it, do not believe that you deserve it?
If you just want without believing, without preparation, without action, then a dream will forever be just a dream. So, if you have a desire for something, write it down right now, say it, affirm it, believe you can do it, make a plan to start making it come true. You need to be prepared so that when the opportunity comes you realize it! Remember, if you want to pray for rain, you must bring an umbrella!

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