What do i really like (Photo: Hmun)

When I first entered university, I was very confused when someone asked: What are your strengths?, what do you want to do in the future? For someone who is a bit good at everything, uncertain about the future direction, I was under a lot of pressure and just wanted to avoid being asked such questions.

In fact, I understand that very few people are lucky enough to know what they like, what passion they have early and try to pursue it. Others realize what they are good at largely through experience and effort. Here are the things I learned from overcoming pressure to know what I like and what I am good at.

Always ask yourself: What do I really like?

As proof from myself, I used to be a good student with good results in literature and I thought I was a good fit for a teacher career. However, when I wonder: If I only go to school every day and teach literature, would I really like it? Do I feel I have reached my full potential in this area? At that time, I realized, to pursue something, it needs more than strength, it also needs passion for the long term and the reality of work.

Dare to try for more experience

A teacher said:“Knowledge is power, experience is skill. So, don’t be in a hurry to doubt your abilities.” Just try with enthusiasm, passion will come. If other people take 1 year to find a job they love, it may take me more than that, but I believe that if I try, I will get results.

try more experience (photo : Hmun)

Ask for opinions, ask others to evaluate yourself.

If you can’t ask yourself and don’t know what basis to try in the right direction, asking seniors, experienced people or friends is also a way. Sometimes we don’t realize our strengths, but the people around us will give us direction.

Try different types of knowledge tests:

There are many types of personality tests to help decipher yourself such as MBTI, DISC. Personally, I have faith in Horoscopes and Tarot cards. Each has its pros and cons and may not be entirely correct. But I think in uncertain times, it will help you be less vague about your path. The important thing is that we need to know what to believe.

Up to now, I still can’t be 100% confident that I have found my full passion, but I have been on a journey of self-discovery, dare to try and dare to face.


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