How to Grow Eggplant in Your Garden

Easy tips for how to grow eggplants when home vegetable gardening.

Learn how to plant and care for eggplants; also pest and disease control tips for growing healthy eggplants in your garden.

Warm season vegetables such as eggplant do not tolerate the slightest hint of frost very well.
That is why you should hold off planting until warm weather has arrived to stay.
In milder climates, choose varieties that withstand cooler temperatures.

Growing Eggplant at Home (Photo: Pinterest)

Growing Eggplant at Home

  1. When vegetable gardening space is limited, eggplants will do well planted just about anywhere in the back or side yard using the following method:
  2. Prepare the planting holes for eggplant 2 weeks prior to putting the plants in the ground.
  3. Dig a hole 2 feet deep that is 1 foot square.
  4. Mix two shovelfuls of compost, a handful of bone meal, and an ounce of rock phosphate with enough garden soil to fill the hole.
  5. After refilling the hole with this mixture, water the area with diluted seaweed/fish emulsion mixture.
  6. Let it sink in before planting or transplanting begins.
  7. Mulch around the eggplants with a thick layer of weed-free lawn clippings.

Harvesting Eggplant

  1. The final step in how to grow eggplant is about taking careful steps for bringing in the bounty. Follow these guidelines:
  2. Harvest eggplant in the morning, when their natural sugar content is the highest.
  3. Avoid picking fruits, or doing any vegetable gardening work, when plants are wet. You are likely to spread plant diseases.
  4. Use care when harvesting.  Bruised vegetables spoil quickly and damaged plants are susceptible to pests and diseases.
  5. Use a sharp knife to harvest eggplant. The produce can be injured if you try to pull or tear the fruit from their stems.

Eggplant Pest Control

Flea beetles are the likely suspects if your leaves are so full of holes that resemble lace. These insects are particularly fond of the taste of eggplant.

To control flea beetles, zap them during the cool of the morning using the following homemade insect spray recipe.


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