How To Grow Beautiful Ornamental Plants From Fruit Seeds ?

Growing ornamental plants from fruit seeds is very simple, have you tried it?

1.Avocado seed

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Take 3-4 toothpicks skewered around the seeds to hang them up in a cup of water. Water only needs to cover about 3cm of avocado seeds, place in a warm place away from direct sunlight for 2-6 weeks until roots appear.
When planting seedlings, make sure that the seeds are half exposed to the air.
Plant avocados between March and June.
Avocados grow best in moderately moist conditions and need to be watered 2-3 times per week.

2. Longan seeds

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Seeds taken for treatment need to be handled to sow immediately, because for a long time it will lose its germination power. After 2 weeks, the germination rate is only 5%. The suitable temperature for seed germination is 25 degrees Celsius, higher than 30 degrees Celsius, poor germination and higher (>33 degrees Celsius) seeds will lose their germination.

Soak the seeds for half a day, we take them out and soak the knobs in lime water after 2-3 hours, next we incubate in moist sand for 3-4 days, then grow it.

Regularly watering warm enough, ensuring soil moisture 70 – 80% saturated moisture, plowing, breaking scum, weeding and after about a month fertilizing seedlings with water diluted 1:10 or fertilizer N at a concentration of 1%. Pay attention to timely pest control.

3.Lemon seeds and grapefruit seeds

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We need to prepare: A handful of lemon seeds, a beautiful small pot, and a little alluvial soil and a little white gravel.

How to grow: First, we soak the lemon seeds in water for about 2 hours, then dry the lemon seeds with a dry towel. Next we arrange the seeds around the prepared soil pot. Then, water and cover the top of the lemon seeds with gravel.

(Source: Thuy Linh/Giao duc&Thoi dai)

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