How To Choose Suitable Career, When We Don’t Know What We Like?

Regardless of age in life, there are still many people who wonder “is this job right for me?”. This situation comes from the confusion in previous career options, when we dont to determine our interests. So what to do to choose the right career, even though you don’t know what you like?

How To Choose Suitable Career (Photo: Hmun)

1. Set Priorities In Life

In fact, everyone’s goals at work are different. Some people want a high income and others simply want to be with their family. These will all be directly related to your decisions, because your job will stick with us for more than 2/3 of our lives.

Therefore, to avoid feeling confused, you should determine some priorities in your career, be it a promotion, skills training, income improvement or something else.

2. Identify Strengths And Weaknesses

There are many people who love what they are doing, but cannot do it in the best way.
Therefore, you also need to list the things you can do well and not so well. For example, what soft skills that you have (time management, presentation, negotiation, …) and professional skills (photo editing, report writing, human resource management, …) Outstanding personality (active, quiet, enthusiastic, …)

If the job is suitable, lets improve some lack of skill . in case that you realize that were not suiteble, you can also avoid making the wrong choices later.

3. Determine What You Want

Do you want to work in a professional environment, a dedicated boss or a prestigious, high-value environment for future development?

To clearly define what you want, most specifical, make a list of what you want to achieve at work. For example, environment (sociable, professional, comfortable…), boss (dedicated, highly specialized,…), skills (communication, presentation, closing sales,…).

4. Look Up Your Job

Once you have identified your priorities, outstanding abilities and desires, you can immediately start researching about the job. Currently, the most optimal tool is the job description, or you can also learn through some job search websites, for example, to consider what employers are looking for.

Then, compare and narrow down the positions that are really suitable and try some of the jobs that you think are the most suitable.

In short, to choose the right career for us, we need to research and consider carefully. Because work will take up 2/3 of the time in each person’s life.

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