Have you ever experienced body shaming?

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Have you ever experienced body shaming?

When I was a teenager, I started to notice the bad things about my appearance but I didn’t feel sad until someone said it was something funny. I hate those names terribly. Their words are so cruel to a little girl like me. But then in the years of growing up, I see many people who have been subjected to body shaming like me, but why are they so confident and love life. I learned from them a secret, which is to love my body.
The body is given to us by our parents, there’s no reason for us to have to be self-conscious about it.

I once met a girl who didn’t have a beautiful bust but thanks to that, when she wears deep cut dresses, she looks haughty and seductive.

In addition, I have met many people who are often criticized for their looks but they are still successful, still earning a lot of money and living well. They use their knowledge to crush people’s prejudices.

Not everyone with a good appearance will be happy and not everyone with a bad appearance will be destined to fail. As long as we always strive to be the best version of ourselves, we will already be successful.

So, my friend, don’t hurt yourself because of outsiders. You really have a lot of great advantages. Take care of yourself and make your flaws become better.

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