Habits Can Harm Your Skin

Here are some habits that can harm your skin: 

Eat oatmeal every day

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Enjoying a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is a delicious and healthy way to start the day. But if you eat this dish every day, you may be inadvertently harming your body and skin.

Eating oatmeal too often, you run the risk of lacking other essential substances, leading to malnutrition and causing dry, flaky skin.

Shower with hot water

That habit will sabotage your healthy skin. Hot water damages the protective layer that helps retain essential moisture in the skin, making the aging process faster. Washing your face with hot water can have a bad effect on the skin’s capillaries.

Drink coffee

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Many people cannot imagine a morning without a hot cup of coffee. But drinking coffee every day before breakfast can be harmful to the skin.

Coffee is a strong diuretic, which can make you mildly dehydrated. Therefore, this will make it difficult for toxins to get out of the body through the skin and make it easier for the skin to form premature wrinkles.

Only use Sun Cream when go out

Sun cream protects your skin when you’re out in the summer, but using it even when you’re indoors all day can prevent skin aging. Although the glass used in cars, homes, and office windows blocks most UVB rays, it still doesn’t protect your skin from harmful UVA rays.

So even if you work in the office all day and don’t spend much time outdoors, you should still wear sunscreen to help your skin look younger for longer.

Using the wrong facial wash

Have you ever noticed that your face looks oily when you wake up from sleep? Your body loses water at night, so it produces more sebum to prevent that condition.

But even if you can’t stand oily skin, you should not use cleansers with too strong formulas. It’s better to wash your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser, and apply moisturizer before drying.

(Source: According to Brightside )

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