Grow These Beautiful House Plants From Food Scraps

House plants add so much life and beauty to your home. They also clean your air, making your indoor air healthier for you and your family. However, they aren’t free if you buy them from a store… but they can be practically free if you grow plants from food scraps!

Lemon Tree From a Lemon Seed

(Photo: Hmun)

As long as you buy organic lemons, you can grow a gorgeous lemon tree from a lemon seed! Here’s how. Don’t expect your lemon tree to grow any fruit for three to five years, but in the meantime you’ll have a pretty tree that adds a lot of charm and fresh air to your home.

Avocado Tree From an Avocado Pit

Grow another tree for your home with an avocado pit! This would make for a great science experiment to do with the kiddos, since you’ll need to suspend the pit in water and watch the roots and stem grow. Try this with several avocado pits and choose the most thriving seed to turn into a houseplant. Again, don’t expect it to produce anything, but you never know!

Sweet Potato Vine From a Sweet Potato

Bought too many sweet potatoes and have one or two left over? Turn them into vine houseplants with purplish green colored leaves! Suspend a sweet potato that’s covered with eyes in a jar of water and watch the vines grow. This is another houseplant that your kids will love watching grow!

Pineapple Plant From a Pineapple Crown

(Photo: Hmun)

A pineapple crown can be turned into a great little spiky houseplant that resembles an aloe vera plant. It takes years for one to grow a pineapple, if at all. If a red flower starts growing at the top, get ready to watch a mini pineapple grow on the top of the plant!

Carrot Foliage From Carrot Tops

Cut off the tops of carrots and put them in water and you’ll get sweet little delicate plants growing on the tops. Plant them in a pot and enjoy your new houseplant! This is another great project for the kids.

These 5 houseplants that can be grown from food scraps aren’t the only ones — try growing houseplants from onions, watermelon seeds, apple seeds, kale, turnips, and more! It’s just amazing to know that life can come from our food leftovers!

(Source: By Elisa)

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