Foods That Should Not Be Eaten With An Empty Stomach

When you are hungry, the stomach becomes sensitive so not all foods can be eaten because there are many foods that can damage your stomach.

(photo: Hmun)

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are not good for a flat stomach. This is because, potatoes can increase the production of acid in the stomach. People with inflammation and stomach pain should not eat potatoes, especially when hungry, if they want to avoid making their disease worse.

Dried jujube

Dried jujube contains a lot of pectin and tannic acid. These substances combine with stomach acid to cause a clot to form in the stomach.


Bananas are rich in magnesium and other substances, so if you eat bananas on an empty stomach, it will cause a sudden increase in the amount of magnesium in the blood, causing hypomagnesemia, calcium imbalance. Thereby inhibiting the heart, not beneficial to health. Long term can create dangerous states for your body.


Pineapple is rich in strong enzymes, eating pineapple on an empty stomach will damage the stomach and reduce the nutritional content of pineapple. Therefore, this fruit is best to eat after meals to absorb well.


Tomato is a fruit that contains a lot of pectin – a natural form of glue in fruit, and there are many powdered colloids of soluble ingredients. Eating tomatoes on an empty stomach is easy to produce chemical reactions with acids, causing gastric pressure to increase, causing acute gastric dilation, making you feel bloated, abdominal pain.


Garlic is a useful and versatile food. It can be used as spices, herbs, etc. However, eating garlic on an empty stomach is counterproductive, causing irritation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa, which is not good for our health.

Cold water

On an empty stomach, it is best not to drink cold water as this can lead to adverse digestive reactions. Prolonged phenomenon will cause an enzyme reaction, giving rise to diseases of the stomach – intestines. This is especially serious for women with irregular periods.

Oranges, tangerines

These 2 fruits are rich in vitamin C, organic acids. Eating on an empty stomach will increase the amount of acid in the stomach and react with the gastric juices, causing discomfort and vomiting.


Milk contains a large amount of protein. However, if you drink milk on a flat stomach, the proteins will be forced to participate in the process of consuming heat. At that time, milk will no longer have the effect of nutritional supplements. Therefore, the best way to drink milk on an empty stomach is to combine it with snacks such as bread or foods containing flour.


Potatoes contain a lot of monounsaturated acids and sticky resins. Eating when hungry will cause a feeling of heat in the intestines, very uncomfortable. Therefore, this is a food that should not be eaten when hungry that you need to pay attention.


One of the foods that should not be eaten on an empty stomach is alcohol. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, especially heavy alcohols, makes you more susceptible to acute alcohol poisoning, vomiting, stomach pain, and even dizziness.


Candy is a type of food that is easily absorbed by the body. When eating a lot of candy on an empty stomach, the sugar in the candy will be loaded quickly into the body without proper regulation. This will raise blood sugar levels and lead to disease.

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