Eastern coral bean

Coral bean is a plant species that grows in the Lingnan region of China. Inside that small bean, there is a very deep culture. Coral bean seeds are really similar, quite large in shape, 8-9 mm in diameter. This type of bean is endowed by nature with a very special property, as hard as stone, bright red as blood, glossy skin, not rotten and never fading.

Behind the coral bean there is a sad legend: in the past, there was a husband who was forced to join the army, his wife stood under the tree in front of the village every day, waiting for her husband to return. Until one day, the wife, because she loved her husband too much, cried blood and died. After the wife died, on the old tree suddenly bloomed bunches of flowers and the flowers quickly faded away, giving way to a bright red fruit. And people call it is coral bean.

Eastern coral bean

To this day, decorative items made from coral beans are still popular in the southern provinces of China, girls like to carry these items in their hands to embellish their beauty, couples buy these items. The bean jewelry is given to the lover, implying the expression of love. 

In addition, red bean paste also represents wealth and health. Wearing a red bean that was once prayed to, praying sincerely, thinking of success.


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