Dream of a mouse

If you dreamed of a rat in your dream, this reflects many contradictions within yourself, it indicates that you are feeling anxious or indecisive. This dream also implies that you are too lazy, wasting your time, energy and wisdom, you are too dependent and dependent on others, you accept everything easily.

Dreaming of a rat looking at you is a sign that your inner being is hiding dark schemes, on a certain side, it shows that you are worried and afraid of an impending loss – unbalanced mood.

To dream of a mole is a sign that you are feeling the dangers and conspiracies from others who are targeting you or conversely you are targeting someone, this dream is expressing feelings of insecurity – your whole.

Dreaming of rats crawling on you is an omen that you are being harassed or someone is affecting your honor. This also shows that maybe your behavior makes others unfriendly and disrespectful.

To dream of a black rat is a sign that you or your loved ones are having some kind of deception and stealthy actions.

To dream that a rat is biting you represents that you are facing a fierce confrontation with your opponent in the present.

To dream that a cat chases a mouse represents that you are facing a one-on-one opponent.

Dreaming of a dead mouse is a harbinger of letting go of bad things and moving on to better things.

To dream that you kill a rat is a sign that you are trying to change yourself and that you will receive the praise of others.

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