KFC brand (photo: Hmun)

What the KFC brand has achieved has shown us the overwhelming success of this fast food brand. This success is thanks to the processes KFC Business Strategy is implemented in a way that is suitable for the Vietnamese market. Let’s see how KFC’s business changes.

1. KFC brand changes menu to serve customers:

The brand is known for its fast food form. The KFC brand has the perfect combination of traditional and popular dishes. In addition to the traditional dishes of fried chicken, Hamburger, KFC also develops products such as chicken rice, mixed cabbage, soft bread, … for the Vietnamese market. These things show the connection between KFC and custimers through their products

2. The KFC brand changes PRICE to match customers

Spending of different customers should adjust the price appropriately for each type of customer. KFC offers many promotions and special prices for VIP card members. This pricing of KFC in a market like Vietnam makes customers will love and choose the products of the KFC brand.

3. KFC expands business

KFC has more and more business locations and distributors in many localities to reach maximum customers. For example: The brand chooses beautiful locations and convenient traffic for customers to search easily as well as spacious space…

4. KFC Change Marketing Advertising in Business

photo: Hmun

Instead of advertising through media channels: TV, radio, Slogan, images, videos…, KFC focuses on promoting digital technology (Digital Marketing), increasing interaction for Facebook, Instagram,… for customers. Customers will give their feedback on KFC’s Fanpage, that help KFC connect with more customers.

This article hopes to help you better understand the KFC fast food brand as well as understand the needs and desires of customers and understand the basics of advertising forms. Moreover, KFC’s business strategy is worth learning.

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