Blacks Only Drinking Pubs

Blacks Only Drinking Pubs

During World War II black American soldiers and white American Military were stationed in Bambier Bridge. But black American soldiers had to fight their own white American soldiers, while in England, where they were fighting for the world.

Bamber Bridge in Lancashire

The English town of Bamber Bridge in Lancashire was not segregated so they treated the black soldiers just like the white soldiers. The blacks were free to eat and drink anywhere. But back in America segregation of blacks and whites still existed. ironically the American army went to someone else’s country and demanded they adopted America’s racist practices.

Fondness for the black American soldiers

The folks in Lancashire liked the black soldiers so much, in fact that during the time the American created Jitterbug dance was popular, the British women were eager to learn it from the black soldiers. The fondness for the black American soldiers was also supported by those famous essays written by George Orwell who stated that the black American soldiers had the best manners of all the American troops.

Blacks Only Drinking Pubs

So when the American Military police found out that their own black American soldiers were drinking at the same pubs as white people they went in to arrest them. The people in the town got mad about the treatment of the black soldiers and decided to then turn their pubs into “BLACKS ONLY DRINKING PUBS” the very opposite of what was taking place in America with their WHITES ONLY businesses.

Thank you, to the town of Bamber Bridge in Lancashire.

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