Benefits Of Vitamin C Supplementation For The Body

Benefits Of Vitamin C Supplementation For The Body (Photo: Hmun)

Vitamin C not only helps strengthen resistance, but  also brings many other benefits to human health.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

According to WHO, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death on over the world. There are factors that increase the risk of heart disease can include high blood pressure, triglycerides or high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

To improve the above situation, nutritionists recommend that vitamin C should be supplemented regularly. According to the analysis results of experts at the University of Silesia (Poland), people who supplement at least 700mg of vitamin C per day will reduce the risk of heart disease by 25% compared to those who do not supplement.

Another analysis of 13 studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) found that a daily supplement of at least 500mg of vitamin C significantly reduced LDL (bad) cholesterol to about 7.9 mg/dL and triglycerides. Blood count decreased by about 20.1 mg/dL.

Prevent gout

Regular vitamin C supplementation will help the body stay healthy and strengthen the resistance. (Photo: Xinhua)

Not many people know that regular vitamin C supplementation can also help prevent many diseases related to bones and joints, including gout. This is a common disease in middle-aged people due to uric acid metabolism disorders in the body, especially those who regularly drink alcohol and have a high protein diet.

Therefore, vitamin C can help reduce a large amount of uric acid in the blood, helping to prevent gout. Research results from WHO also determine the effectiveness of vitamin C for the human body when supplementing with at least 500mg of vitamin C per day will reduce the risk of gout by up to 44%.

Improve your brain

One of the benefits that vitamin C brings to human health is to help keep the brain sharp. According to a review from the Health website, low levels of vitamin C in the body will reduce people’s ability to think and remember. At the same time, the lack of vitamin C also causes the brain, spine and central nervous system to oxidize quickly, slow down the body’s activity and lose its vivacity.

Therefore, vitamin C supplementation is especially important for each person, regardless of age. Advice that, try to supplement from 500 – 700mg per day through eating foods rich in vitamin C or taking multivitamins, you will clearly see positive changes from within the body.


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