1. Tent:  A good tent will give you the most comfortable resting space, especially when sleeping outdoors. Not only that, they also need to have a waterproof feature and the way to set up a camping tent also needs to be simple, not too complicated. If you want to stand out more, you can use camping tent decorations! Decorating the tent is also a way to help the members get closer to each other!

2.Picnic rugs: On the camping list to bring, the next thing is a picnic mat. Should choose a carpet with thick material, waterproof ability to be used in many different terrains! And if you go camping on the sea, you should choose a carpet that is not sand-proof and water-resistant.

Picnic rugs

3.Barbecue grill: If you have prepared a grill, don’t forget to bring a tray and a barbecue! To ensure hygiene, you should bring 2-3 grills. It is recommended to change the grill regularly during the baking process to prevent the meat from burning.


4.Camping food :

When preparing food for picnics and camping, you should prioritize picnic foods that are easy to make and can be preserved during the day. Limit the selection of dishes that need sophisticated processing or spoil quickly when left outdoors. Besides, you should also choose camping dishes that are full of necessary nutrients and suitable for the taste of the members on the trip.

Camping food 

5. Dishes, cups,.. : In addition to preparing a full set of cooking utensils, you should also prepare more dishes, chopsticks, spoons and cups if you use them. 

Dishes, cups

In addition to the 5 basic items mentioned above, do not forget to bring other items such as toiletries, comfortable clothes, rain shoe covers, lighters and especially garbage bags to ensure hygiene environment.

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