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Approval is Necessary

You must be approved as an author. Please compete the form below. If you are approved, you will receive confirmation and login information by email. Once approved, you will be given an author account. Submissions must meet MoreLikeThisPlease standards and be approved by the Admin. Only positive, uplifting and inspiring posts are desired. No limit. Upload as many images/pages as you like.

Submissions must include

Media Library fields showing the addition of the Post Title entered into the Alt Tag, Title, Caption and Description fields
  1. Main image
  2. Short paragraph describing the image, process, subject or event.
  3. Find and copy the Title from this Paragraph, paste it into the Title block, then into the Caption block.
  4. Identify the Categories for this Post.
  5. Align all images to “Align center”.
  6. Set this image as Featured Image and paste the Title into the Alt Tag, Title, Caption and Description fields.
  7. Remember to save the Post!
  8. View the Post from the Home Page (click on the Logo in upper left corner.)
  9. Please consider sharing to some social media (not required).


Find an image that qualifies, upload it along with a small description or paragraph or story that accompanies the image. Images may be from other social media, originals you have taken and other sources. Do not use copyrighted images by professional creators.

One main image per page, make the main image the Featured Image for the page, Title the page, then use this Title in the Alt Tag, Caption and Description of the image.

You can upload information from any device in any way you prefer. Images that contain words are acceptable but you must type those words into a paragraph and name the submission with a title. Title must be in the Paragraph and must be added to image caption, and Alt tag, Caption and Description of Featured Image.

You can copy and paste. You can copy and upload the images from your SmartPhone. However, navigating the page can be challenging from a small screen. If you want to download images from a browser, you will probably want the free browser plugin from to download the image. (You have to use a foreign language version because the plugin is not allowed in the USA. Alternatively you can copy the image and upload it into your post. You can also copy the words and paste them into the Paragraph.

Watch the short video below to see what steps you need to complete.


You will receive $1 for each accepted submission. You can be paid weekly, monthly or upon request. Payment will be made by direct bank transfer through TransferWise. You must send your bank information to MoreLikeThisPlease in order to be paid. Payment usually takes one day after your request, submissions are accepted and payment is approved. Notify MoreLikeThisPlease when you would like to be paid.

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